assos mille gt spring/autumn l/s jersey

assos gt mille l/s jersey

over the past few issues, modern drummer magazine has taken to asking luminaries of the percussive milieu to name their must have gear. i'd like to say that this feature is the drummer's equivalent of desert island discs, but to be quite blunt, it's pretty much anything but. any musician stranded on the mythical desert island would, naturally enough, feel an overwhelming desire for their instrument of choice, but for drummers, vibraphone players and probably pianists, this is but a pipedream.

few of us ever consider, for the latter in particular, that life cannot be quite the bowl of cherries we'd consider it to be. if i might take the concert pianist as a pertinent example, when was the last time you saw such an individual boarding the flight to wherever, carrying a steinway grand in a backpack? in the words of the great confucious "that ain't never gonna happen", meaning there's every possibility of the touring keyboard player strutting his or her stuff each evening on a different instrument. just think of that, next time you're listening to alfred brendell and the vienna philharmonic conducted by sir simon rattle playing brahms piano concerto no. 1 on your ipod.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

the planet's more celebrated drummers suffer similarly. carting even a small set around the world can be an expensive and harrowing experience, so those who endorse (ie are sponsored by) specific marques can usually expect to find an approximation of their usual setup on arrival. it is simply a case of carting one's cymbals and possibly a favourite or signature snare drum to complete the ensemble. for those without the necessary endorsement, the contract hopefully stipulates a playable instrument at the very least.

therefore, given that the majority of those interviewed for this must have gear portion of the magazine, they're really only being offered the opportunity to make mention of the products supplied by their various endorsements. stuff such as microphones, cases, sticks and anything else about which they can wax lyrical.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

no doubt the professional cyclist would follow a similar path; whichever bicycle their team provides is almost bound to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, though if the desert island is anyhting like those seen in the movies, one hopes they might have asked for the cyclocross variation. likewise, clothing. the wardrobe at home might conceivably be stuffed with items from a favourite purveyor, but when at the office, there is no option but to wear the stuff with the team's logos.

while the notion that the world's professional cyclists fill their off duty moments reading all that i have to offer, i figure it far more likely that we're all in this together and none of us have a professional contract. therefore, were i to implement a similar feature on thewashingmachinepost, asking you each in turn which items of cycling paraphernalia would ease your island abandonment, there would be little in the way of commercial pressures to nominate one or t'other. i like to think of us as free agents, simply filling time until our respective representatives call with the latest contractual offer.

thus, at absolute minimum, shorts, jersey and bicycle would be atop anyone's list, but the question is which one's do we choose?

assos gt mille l/s jersey

in reality, those hypothetical choices are something of a moving target. allowing for seasonal variations and technological developments mean that your next jersey is likely to be the most favoured. so in that spirit, i feel it only right and proper that i introduce you to the assos mille gt spring/autumn l/s jersey, which, as it's name implies, is intended for months other than those comprising summer and winter. this is, i think, an important delineation, for though we all experience the four seasons in some form or other, depending on where in the world you reside, the length and commencement of each will vary often substantially.

therefore, i would like to disavow you immediately of the possible misapprehension, that spring has already reached the hebrides. omloop het nieuwsblad may already be taking/have taken place as the aperitif of the so-called spring classics, but the forecast for the midweek includes a windchill of minus seven degrees celcius, a temperature that inarguably points to winter being still the prevailing season. therefore, while i would dearly have loved to perambulate the estates with the assos jersey displayed al fresco, in point of fact, it was cosily concealed under an assos sturmprinz jacket.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

that, however, rather than offering it an easier ride than it might have expected, probably achieved quite the contrary. according to assos, the mille gt jersey is 'fast drying and highly breathable', properties that were much in demand from this particular reviewer, as he manfully scrabbled across islay's western coast in temperatures marginally above zero, but permeated by the legendary galeforce winds. not entirely unexpectedly, the latter gave rise to more than several kilometres of heavy breathing, the sort of exertion that can often result in an undesirable level of perspiration under that sturmprinz jacket.

i'd be guilty of telling a big fib if i said that didn't happen; because it did. however, the jersey's breathability comfortably minimised any likelihood of the well-kent bin-bag scenario. the latter has the potential to result in disbarrment from one's favourite coffee hostelry. this level of breathability is masterfully aided by a high-wicking fabric on the rear, in tandem with the protective frontmost rx material and the most attractive assos logo'd fabric that forms the lower portion of each sleeve.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

according to the swiss manufacturer, the mille jersey conforms to their relaxed 'regular-fit', as opposed to the more restrictive racing variety. i do not have a wealth of assos jerseys with which to compare, but i cannot deny that it was a just a smidgeon more race than relaxed for my taste.

the shiny rx fabric itself is reminiscent of that seen on several skinsuits and it does offer a particularly close fit on the sleeves, the fleece lining of which made this a slightly strenuous jersey to put on over a long-sleeve, merino baselayer. however, very much in keeping with my philosophy that bibshorts ought to be difficult to pull on, i have no qualms about recommending the mille jersey's fit overall. at this time of year, a close-fitting jersey is better able to trap warm air just where you'd like it to be trapped.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

in the dim distant days of yore, when the average cycle jersey was on the point of freeing itself from the black swamp, three rear pockets was the best any member of the pelotonese could hope for. there then arose the most welcome fourth, zipped variety, an interloper that quickly found favour with most of the world's top cycling apparel purveyors. but while it might be a bit early to declare the rise of a counter trend, this is the second jersey i've received in the past month that is bereft of that which might safely carry keys, coffee money or a pensioner's bus pass. i readily recognise that the professionals mentioned above have no earthly need for such a repository, the paying public might find themselves less in agreement.

of course, maybe assos research has discovered that no-one actually uses such a pocket. the three regular inhabitants are, however, more than capable of coping with the majority of demands. i actually managed to squish the sturmprinz into one of them, though it was hardly what i'd describe as a good look. in mitigation, the stretch fabric, full-length front zip and medium height collar did their very best to pull yours truly back into some form of sartorial decency.

assos gt mille l/s jersey

do not for one minute take my criticisms as a pointer to swiss failings in the jersey department. the mille gt long-sleeve is, in truth just the sort of jersey you'd shout for were you to be marooned on the sort of desert island popuated by zwift subscribers, particularly during the months of late spring or early autumn. in motion, you'd all but forget its existence and i figure it's every bit as much at home beneath a jacket as it's likely to be on its own. however, until the weather heats up a bit, i'll have to get back to you on that one.

the assos mille gt spring/autumn ls jersey is available in sizes ranging from xs to xxl and tir and in black, red or caleum blue (as reviewed), retail price is £120

assos mille gt spring/autumn long-sleeve jersey

saturday 24 february 2018

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