rapha pro team lightweight gilet

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

as we dined al fresco at debbie's yesterday afternoon, i happened to mention that several years ago, a gentleman who represented a well-known non-governmental organisation approached me, as a nominated representative of the island's velocipedinists, to discuss some available funding. this well-meaning fellow was keen to provide financial wherewithal whereby we might benefit from improved cycling facilities on the island. though such potential largesse was to be soundly applauded, in point of fact, with no definable or necessary cycling facilities anywhere on islay, i was at a loss to comprehend how these were to be improved.

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

the gentleman stated that perhaps we might wish to consider specific cyclepaths or perhaps some much-needed signposting, but i offered a 'no' to both offers. for starters, i couldn't figure out where we'd actually put any cycle paths; half the island is populated with singletrack roads featuring little in the way of traffic congestion. i thought we'd manage just fine on the roads available to us at the time. nor could i figure out what sort of signposting i might confidently request.

so despite an undisclosed sum of money being on the table, so to speak, i thought it would be more pertinent if it were spent elsewhere on the island.

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

having brought the subject up over coffee, thankfully there was nothing but agreement from my fellow velocipedinists, none of whom could think where such proffered facilities would be fittingly installed.

however, one suggestion that came to light, spurious though it may seem in the cold light of day, was that we ought to have requested a yellow skoda estate with driver that could drive behind us on the sunday ride in case of ancillary needs. this car would be copiously filled with case upon case of sticky bottles along with an appropriate supply of additional clothing, should the weather become more inclement during the course of our perambulations. items such as rainjackets or duvets would be almost compulsory during the winter months (september to june) and perhaps a gilet and suncream for the remaining two months of the year.

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

the ability to drop back to the team car for a gilet and a sticky bottle is one of those ambitions that few, if any, of us will ever enjoy. but, as i mentioned above, it is/was a spurious and arguably wasteful use of government funding, but on the basis of several questionable current and past government investments, perhaps less so than it would at first seem.

meanwhile that hypothetical red pro team lightweight gilet will have to reside in a jersey pocket, either after removal following an early, chilly morning opening gambit, or ready and waiting to be worn when the temperature takes a turn for the worst. and as it happens, this would be the very bright red lightweight gilet to have safely stowed in one of those three available pockets. in fact, so light is this particular garment, that wearing it will actually make you weigh less (i may have made that bit up).

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

the review sample in my possession weighs a scant 76 grams which, in old money, is less than three ounces. i'm sure you will readily agree that a weight such as that scarcely warrants employment of a yellow skoda estate with concomitant driver. that may well be the reason i did not bring the subject up during the discussion alluded to above.

those 76 grams, however, make a darned good job of keeping a chilly breeze at bay. yes, there is a smidgeon of flapping at the shoulder hems, but that is merely verification of an impressive forward motion. during the photography session for this review, the existence of the gilet's two-way zip made it simplicity itself to gain access to the camera in a rear pocket, without need of completely unzipping or even removing the gilet entirely. additionally, a mesh rear panel prevents overheating in the face of adversity when time comes to bring a selection of sticky bottles from the team car up to the rest of the sunday morning peloton.

doubtless, when brexit negotiations are over and done with, every club in the country will be granted government funding for a following team car. until that transpires, a rapha pro team lightweight gilet (preferably red) is a more than equitable substitute.

rapha's pro team lightweight gilet retails at a cost of £85 in sizes ranging from xs to xxl and coloured red, black and dark blue.

rapha pro team lightweight gilet

monday 8 may 2017

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velobici premgripp and merino socks

velobici premgripp socks

you know what they say about men with large feet? they need large shoes. it's an allegedly humorous aside that my father would repeat on the occasion of either my brother and i purchasing a new pair of footwear. it wasn't particularly funny (or comprehensible) then and it hasn't aged particularly well. but i was always under the impression that my size nine (european 44) feet landed under the category generally regarded as large. but it seems i was in error.

velobici are a british cycling apparel company deserving of our applause. for while all and sundry are outsourcing the bulk of their production to italy or the far east, founder/owner, chris puttnam has done his utmost to design and manufacture everything in england. with knitted goods emanating from nottinghamshire and others manufactured in leicestershire, his faith in british manufacture is not only well-founded, but pretty impressive to boot. velobici's range of jerseys, bibshorts, baselayers and knitwear is not only notably stylish but every bit the equal of their peers.

velobici merino socks

but they have slightly different ideas about socks.

throughout my cycling and reviewing career, i have cheerfully requested medium-sized jerseys, small-sized shorts and tights along with large sized socks. however, on reading the packaging in which velobici's premgripp and merino socks were contained, i noted to my disappointment that i should have paid more attention before committing text to e-mail. for large sized velobici socks are designed to cater to those wearing shoes in excess of size 46 (11 - 14). suddenly, in one fell swoop, my feet had been demoted to medium (7 - 11)

this in itself, though worthy of mention, is not by way of complaint or criticism; it remains the provence of the provider to size garments in any way they see fit. it is the duty of the consumer to pay closer attention to the sizing clearly stated on the website, an error i can only blame upon myself. however, cheerfully enough, there is a happy ending.

velobici premgripp socks

my sizing error was only noted at the point of putting on a pair of the gloopily dotted premgripp socks, at which point there was really no turning back. this particular variation on the humble sock, available in either black or white, features what velobici refer to as offset technology, a form of compression fit that aims to stimulate circulation in the face of adversity. and in order to enhance this particular feature, the sole is dotted with gloop to ensure the socks remain precisely where you placed them in each shoe. it's a technology that works to perfection, even if the incumbent was irrational enough to choose the wrong size in the first place.

i cannot deny a worrying predilection for curling the toes in my right foot, an idiosyncracy that rarely leads to perennial comfort on the bike. however, inexplicably, the fact that those dots of gloop could probably be successfully worn by spiderman when climbing up the side of tall buildings, satisfactorily curtailed this annoying toe-curling tendency. oddly enough, the red pair of velobici merino socks simply underlined the effectiveness of the premgripp version; though the latter are particularly impressive on their own, they are not equipped to maintain a straightness of foot.

velobici merino socks

if push came to shove, on the basis of this factor alone, i'd be inclined to opt for a pair of velobici premgripp over plain merino. but since my eyes are bigger than my feet, i'd probably take both. though not quite reaching the lengths espoused on occasion by lance armstrong, i can really only describe both variations as mid-length, neither long nor short. just ginger peachy, if classification were demanded. the merino socks are, if i'm honest, perhaps just a tad too cosy for the summer, even on the west coast of scotland. however, north of the border, summer is something of a moving target, so i'd prefer if you didn't quote me on that.

for gents such as myself, the competitive edge is conspicuous by its absence, but for those of an entirely differing disposition, there's little doubt that the premgripps could conceivably be worn as a legitimate aid to performance. the merino option is merely sheer, unadorned luxury. just ensure you check your size before ordering.

velobici premgripp socks are available in black or white in sizes small, medium or large at a cost of £25. velobici merino socks can be had in blue, red or tan, priced at £20 a pair.

velobici socks

sunday 7 may 2017

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rapha fausto coppi merino jersey

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

though there has been a perceptible reduction in its influence on the contemporary pelotonese, in the realm of road racing, italy once reigned supreme. my own evidence for this particular statement was not only an overwhelming need to accessorise my first steel-framed road bike with a campagnolo chorus groupset, but the sheer necessity of replacing the latter velocipede with a colnago. a superissimo, born in the years when colnagos had very cool italian names.

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

quite from where this specific influence had arrived, i know not; my early years of cycle infatuation were initially spent on the dark-side, filling the bike shed with so-called mountain bikes and in that genre at the time, japan's influence was paramount via shimano and suntour. the chorus components were transferred to the superissimo, for who ever heard of festooning an italian marque with anything other than componentry italiano style? disappointingly, that particular mindset seems not to have persisted to the present. quite why the influence has waned is anyone's guess.

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

the giro d'italia, as witnessed by the recently reviewed giro 100 by herbie sykes, was once the province of italian teams, populated by italian riders riding italian bicycles. in true parochial fashion, the latter were often unmoved by the prospect of three french weeks in july; for them, the concern lay primarily in traversing the length and breadth of the wellington boot, from sicily at the toe, to the swiss border at the knee.

this restrictive vision often suited not only the political machinations of italy's leaders and italian industry, but also the adoration of the tifosi who looked forward each year to the rivalries that seemingly populate virtually every sport, no matter the country of origin. and midst those involving girardengo, bitossi and pantani, the enduring popularity of that played out between gino bartali and il campionissimo, fausto coppi, must surely rank amongst road-racing's most famous.

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

though the average man or woman in the street has probably a vague idea of who eddy merckx is (or was), amongst the cognoscenti, it is arguably coppi who still holds court in the coffee shop and peloton. it is possible that there have been more words written about fausto coppi than any other rider; the fact that he unfortunately died prematurely at the age of 41 only added to the brightness of his star. as attested to in herbie sykes' giro 100, "Merckx was the best, but Coppi was the greatest."

as if justification were needed, on the day that the 100th edition of the giro d'italia begins in sardinia, rapha commemorates fausto's impressive and unforgettable gift to cyclists everywhere with the release today of an entire range of quality on and off-bike apparel. though the range consists of several jerseys, cap, socks, scarf, track suit, and sunglasses, the most iconic images of the great italian saw him clad in the celeste and white wool jersey of his bianchi team, a modern merino edition of which takes pride of place in the collection.

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

this impossibly fine italian merino jersey presents not only a nod to bianchi's domination of the giro and italian cycling, on the back of coppi, but a tailored reference by way of three buttoned rear pockets. imperial works, keen to smudge the boundaries between active and leisure wear are more than happy for us to wear the jersey to the coffee shop sans bici, but have built the jersey to withstand the rigours of having those buttoned pockets stuffed with an essentials case, mini-pump, digital lumix camera, gilet and foldable backpack, yet without the hem trailing on the rear tyre.

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

as with rapha's more regular clothing ranges, the fit is impeccable, with finely judged sleeves (the rightmost is embellished with an embroidered coppi signature) and a quarter length front zip. sadly, the jersey does not confer the immeasurable grace on the bike as demonstrated by il campionissimo; that is scarcely within rapha's remit or capability, but as evidenced by more than a single coffee-based compliment, it exudes an impressive style when in close proximity to the art of the barista.

though coppi died when i was only four years old, his palmares, infamy, grimpeurship and incontestable style on the bike has been an intangible influence throughout my years of roadie-based meanderings. though the closest i'll ever get to the cima coppi is to watch it on eurosport's highlights, i now have the luxury of wearing this luxurious rapha tribute to the great man. as, indeed, can you.

"just ride, just ride, just ride."

rapha's merino wool celeste jersey is available direct from and rapha clubhouses at a cost of £150. the accompanying range consists of a 'rosa merino jersey', a 'nera merino jersey', 'flyweight jersey', 'classic bib shorts', 'tracksuit', 'pack jacket', 'silk scarf', 'merino socks' and 'cap'. coppi feature

rapha fausto coppi merino celeste jersey

friday 5 may 2017

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giro 100 by herbie sykes. rapha/blue train publishing softback 224pp illus. £25

giro 100 - herbie sykes

"From the beginning, I dreamed of becoming a professional cyclist. It's taken hold of me, and there's nothing I can do about it." filippo ghiron.

as of march this year, thewashingmachinepost became 21 years old, the age at which any youthful individual would normally receive the keys to the door. sadly, i failed even to be offered a one-year professional contract with top bonk schleppers, thus consigning my daily scribblings to glorious obscurity. those twenty-one years have pretty much flown by, with the realisation that i've indulged in the daily chore for more years than simon mottram has been making the case for sportwool. in the light of this salient moment in cycling history, i now consider myself to be one of its elder statesmen.

happily, gone are the days when the residents of bowmore village would cross the road rather than be engaged in earnest conversation that was almost always bound to involve cycling in one form or another. prince bradley's much-vaunted bubble has made the velocipedinal way considerably more acceptable in polite company and there have even been occasions when someone has stopped me to converse about the way of the bicycle.

changed days indeed.

but then, days of cycling have changed for pretty much everyone this side of the bike shed. we have moved on from steel downtube friction shifting to electronic wires encased in shiny carbon fibre. there are those racing at the top level who have never had to flip a gear lever in anger and never once experienced the joys of riding competitively with the wind in their hair. as a sport, it has become measurably more popular, but also measurably more commercial and commerce has its own set of demands that do not always coincide with the sporting milieu.

yet commerce is at the heart of the sport's two most popular grand tours; those three weeks in july exist at the behest of l'auto, while italy's giro began life as a means of promoting sales of the pink newsprint of la gazzetta dello sport, a race commencing its 100th edition in sardinia tomorrow. i have already reviewed two books related to this historical edition and it may seem a tad unnecessary to offer praise for yet another. but giro 100 by italian-based writer, herbie sykes, could hardly be described as your normal paean to italy's grand tour.

rather than offer us a history of the giro d'italia according to herbie sykes, in conjunction with rapha editions and guy andrews' blue train publishing he has let others do the speaking. this in itself may not at first appear to be a happenstance designed for unfettered admiration and quite possibly would have remained so, had the speakers been drawn from the upper echelons of the sport. but almost all of those interviewed by herbie for this superb compendium of stories are drawn from the ranks of the gregari, those who frequently took the opportunities that presented themselves and sneaked in a worthy stage victory or, in rarer cases, the maglia rosa.

"There was a summit finish at Monte Trebbio in the Apennines that year, and I decided I really wanted to give it a go." giancarlo bellini.

my twenty-one years in the business (so to speak) have led to a modified perspective on the sport, but i very much doubt i'm alone in that. aside from discovering that the more you know, the more you don't know, there is no doubt that on occasion i've found out stuff that i'd have preferred not to have learned. and continued exposure to the vicissitudes of the marketing machine have brought one or two dawning realisations that, while hardly iniquitous in and of themselves, they have occasionally contrived to alter my enthusiasm and not always for the better. i therefore do not think it too much of an overstatement to mention that giro 100 has made me realise that this really is the very best sport in the world.

"I wasn't one of those who was going to become some sort of 'gregario di lusso', and if I'm honest, I probably wasn't good enough to do anything much on my own." matteo cravero.

however, if the chapters are merely the transcripts of countless interviews with giro participants, should i truly be praising mr sykes for anything other than an enviable level of stamina? in truth, there is far more here than mere presentation. it would be naive to think that across 224 pages, we have been presented with the full length of each interlocution. according to herbie, around 75% had need of falling on the cutting room floor prior to publication. and following each interview, herbie has placed the preceding words in acute and accurate perspective.

"Malabrocca was born in Tortona, a stone's throw from Fausto Coppi's Castellania. The two men had raced together as juniors, but while poor, fragile Coppi was condemned to become 'Il Campionissimo', Malabrocca enjoyed life as his alter ego.

i am guilty of having described many a review copy as 'compulsive reading', perhaps because that's the way i approach many published works on cycling. even though my perspective may have been summarily altered over the last two decades, i am no less of an enthusiast nowadays, a situation that benefited enormously from reading giro 100. it is compulsive reading (i managed two and a half hours at one sitting without realising how much time had passed) and a major testament to the continuing importance and relevance of herbie sykes to the world of cycling commentary, particularly that pertaining to italy.

"Of late, it's all become a bit too clichéd, a bit too self-reverential. Cycling is about the mountains and about suffering, but it's also about so much more besides. [...] I make no apology for the fact that there are no sweeping Stelvio panoramas, no 'dramatic' snow-capped Gavias. Been there and done that, and arrogantly I assumed that you might, just for once, like something a little bit other."

and something else living under the category of 'something a little bit other' is the nature of the book's illustrations. as herbie has stated above, there are no sweeping stelvio panoramas or snow-capped gavias. all the photographs throughout the 100 interviews were supplied by the riders themselves, picturing them as youngsters, with family and friends, the lucky ones surrounded by podium girls, or crossing the line, arms aloft and just occasionally, portrayed in their sunday best.

almost to a man or woman, their self-effacing humility is admirable and often surprising. though we as mere mortals are often guilty of placing even the more mediocre of professionals on a pedestal, the view from the inside looking out often appreciatively discards such reverence. it may be one of the world's more exotic means of employment, but ultimately, it's a job that pays the bills.

there's insufficient time to order and read your own copy of giro 100 prior to the off in sardinia tomorrow, but that should not be taken as an obstacle; if anything, it's more of an opportunity, one that could satisfactorily fill the gaps between each day's highlights on eurosport or itv4.

the very best of the very best and compelling reason to wear pink.

"The Giro was 24 hours a day in our house, 11 months of the year. It conditioned our childhoods 100 percent, for better or worse." gianni torriani.

rapha editions giro 100

friday 5 may 2017

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cycling climbs of scotland - a road cyclist's guide. simon warren. frances lincoln publishing softback 142pp illus. £8.99

cycling climbs of scotland

in my immediate circle of velocisti, i am considered a reasonable climber or, as i prefer to be known, grimpeur. in the grand scheme of things, i barely qualify on either account. however, a bit like jan ullrich, the intervention of the winter months seem specifically designed to eat away at my fitness level, despite taking not one weekend off in the face of cold, wet, adverse weather conditions. perhaps unlike herr ullrich, ploughing into galeforce headwinds does not directly lessen my ability as a domestique, but it sure as heck slows my ascending skills.

for no apparent reason, so far as i can fathom.

thus, taking my lessons from the reality that appends itself to ageing bones, i have noted that an improvement in climbing prowess signifies that i am once more on course for at least a semiproductive season. and note my belief that i still have such a thing as a season.

i cannot deny that i'm beginning to enjoy the daily slog on all but level ground, almost as much as i used to enjoy riding uphill, though in certain quarters that may be the sort of admission that has one's grimpeur membership revoked. but i'm sure that, if we keep this between ourselves, i may manage a year or two more before gravity takes precedence.

though i have had grateful possession of a specialized roubaix comp for a month or so, the edition which i requested did not feature the triangular plastic case moulded to fit in the nook created by the juncture of the down tube and seat tube, always assuming that in these days of carbon monocoques, we still refer to them as tubes. those further up the food chain, however, offer this as an added extra, providing a neat and secure little crevice in which the owner might conceal an inner tube, multi-tool and perchance, a small energy bar.

cycling climbs of scotland

as i have discovered much to my betterment and enjoyment, a bicycle named after one of the season's flattest and hardest races, is no slouch when it comes to heading upwards, particularly now that my season has begun to kick in. and were my blue and black review model to have featured the small receptacle described above, i would currently be devising a strategy which would allow the safe carrying of simon warren's latest climbing publication, the cycling climbs of scotland.

though i'm sure, like me, you're all wondering why such a geographically important tome was not first in the series, some things are undoubtedly worth waiting for, this compact and bijou edition being top of that hypothetical list.

first off, i am willing to forgive mr warren the obvious error of his ways by failing to venture far enough in a south westerly direction to visit the 14% climb that would have greeted him on disembarking the afternoon ferry at port askaig. this omission is more than offset by his inclusion of the 'rest and be thankful', a hill that features prominently on any car or bus journey to or from islay and glasgow. i have long wanted to climb both the old military road (now reconstituted as an alternative route when the modern edition is frequently blocked in winter by frequent landslides) and its modern equivalent.

cycling climbs of scotland

but unlike simon warren, i'm pretty much all talk and no action.

the grimpeurs amongst you will, by now, be well-acquainted with the plethora of books available in this series (aside from my obvious affiliations with the volume under review, i would still contend that the 'road climbs of hellingen' should be in the centre back pocket of every cycle jersey sold. this one ought to be in one of the adjacent others).

i have frequently made it known that my grasp of geography scarcely reaches even a rudimentary standard, so i was quite surprised to learn that there is a categorisable climb on the isle of rothesay, the very holiday destination on which i learned not only to swim, but to play the tortoiseshell ludwig drumset in the hotel ballroom (just like ringo's). sadly, at that age, i was innocently unaware of road bicycles and any propensity to ride up hills. and having spent over twenty years of my life in ayrshire, i am almost embarrassed to discover that there's also a pretty decent ascent at fairlie.

who knew?

cycling climbs of scotland

though i am constitutionally constrained from discussing anything that might take place on the east coast of the country, let me assure you that it is covered with the same attention to detail as the atlantic side of the nation. but in similar manner to those who immediately turn to the last page of a whodunnit to discover if the butler was indeed responsible, i will save you having to unnecessarily peruse the contents and inform you that the climb you really, really want is on page 25. confirming its legendary status ahead of the ventoux, alpe d'huez and the angliru, mr warren awards this humdinger of a climb (a a seldom used technical term applicable to very steep climbs) a score of 11/10. yes, i refer to the bealach na ba.

at which point there really is little else to be said. one more jersey pocket has been filled.

100 climbs

wednesday 3 may 2017

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t-lab stelvio t-shirt

t-labs stelvio tee-shirt

cyclists are, almost by definition, an odd bunch of characters. we may think that we appear svelte, sleek, fast, smooth and athletic as we ride past innocent, yet adoring bystanders, but the reality is often very different. and imagine how you'd feel if sat in a branch of costa coffee and a bunch of hot, sweaty and distinctly less than composed individuals wearing dye-sublimated polyester or sportwool and rather snug-fitting shorts decided to sit at the adjacent table, ordering a round of double-espressos and an entire carrot cake. coffee shops rarely feature full-length mirrors to help us see ourselves as others see us (as robert burns once famously said).

the venn diagram of cyclists consists solely of two circles intersecting to offer three roughly equitable areas. in one are those for whom it's all about the bike. these individuals would wear a bin bag and a pair of running shorts if it left enough cash for a full campagnolo, super-record eps groupset. those in the centre section tread the middle way, spending equal amounts on bicycle and sartorial elegance, rarely overdoing it in either direction. and latterly are those at the opposite end of the spectrum to the former group, those who'd ride a butcher's delivery bike as long as their apparel was sourced from the upper regions of the world's finest cycle clothing purveyors.

t-labs stelvio tee-shirt

they are seriously considering building a large shed in the garden to house the ever-growing wardrobe.

the worrying part is that no matter which of the above three groups you think you inhabit, you can see perfectly just where the other two sections are coming from. it may not be for you, but you'd be unlikely to discriminate when riding in the peloton or supping froth at a table next to unfortunate civilians in costa coffee. like i said, an odd bunch of characters.

but, and i am in no way reticent to mention this, that is pretty much the acceptable face of the pelotonese; the least socially disruptive aspects of this peculiarly mobile section of society. as an illustration, my local branch of oddness spent the bulk of last weekend ploughing hardily, ever mindful of rule#5, into galeforce headwinds when there was no earthly reason so to do. some of that number even subscribe to strava premium.

t-labs stelvio tee-shirt

and i have no compunction in blaming the latter for several of the eccentric excesses displayed by the otherwise intrepid velocipedinist. eccentricities such as everesting, a bizarre fringe activity that disturbingly even has its own website. though the rationale behind this climbing extravagance seems a tad tenuous at best, it appears that george mallory opted to train for an attempt at climbing mount everest by repeating smaller gradients until the total amount of ascending equalled or surpassed 8,848 metres.

obviously enough, clambering to the top of the himalayan peak involves an army of tibetan sherpas accompanied by a herd of donkeys or yaks as well as oxygen for the upper reaches. everesting tends to be a smidgeon less expensive as well as an undertaking that can be accomplished as a solo effort.

but why everest? yes, i do get that it's the highest point on earth and thus worthy of our gear changes, but it's hardly one of cycling's iconic climbs. in fact, so far as i'm aware, nobody's ever taken a bicycle to the top of everest and it's extremely unlikely that a bicycle will ever take a cyclist to the top. though self-evidently about 7/8 less taxing, why not consider the giro d'italia that commences later this week and in particular, the stelvio pass, one that tops out at 1,808 metres?

t-labs stelvio tee-shirt

the relatively flat piece of scotland on which i am domiciled has little in the way of peaks that might conceivably offer the opportunity to everest in a day. the highest point on islay reaches only 491 metres and if i was to stelvio, i'd have to ride up over three and a half times. the downside to that theoretical possibility is that there is simply no way on this earth that you'd ever get a road bike up there other than in bits in a large rucksack. but now that i've brought the notion to the foreground, i might just find a hill somewhere that could be stelvio'd without attracting too much public interest.

then again, if even that proves intractable, there's always t-lab's rather fetching stelvio t-shirt, something of a masterpiece in understatement, but employing a graphic design reminiscent of the 1950s. in an era when t-shirt design often appears to have hit its nadir, this and many others from t-labs' laboratory are the very items that could be insouciantly worn in polite company.

screen-printed onto heavyweight, quality cotton and using the italian flag as a subtle flash of colour, this is the very tee that that the cognoscenti would be happily seen wearing at that lonely table in costa coffee.

t-labs' 'stelvio' t-shirt is available in grey at a cost of £27. sizing ranges from small to xl.

t-labs stelvio t-shirt

tuesday 2 may 2017

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